What is a privacy policy?

Ask this questions and most people will tell you it’s just that page every website has, but they are a vital part of any business website.

A privacy policy is a legal text that explains how a website collects, stores, and utilizes the information it gets from people who visit it.

Websites need to be careful about detailing all personal information they collect, including what they collect directly from visitors such as names, emails, dates of birth, physical addresses, payment details and social security codes, as well as what they collect indirectly such as IP addresses. A privacy policy also needs to state what steps the website is taking to protect the data it collects.

Why Your Website Needs A privacy Policy

The most important reason to have a privacy policy page in your website is to comply with the law, as most countries will require you to include a privacy policy page where you explain how you collect, manage, and protect data.

Another reason is that almost all third party services you would use require you to have a privacy policy where they can see how you collect data from users.

Lastly, having a clear privacy policy that’s easy to understand will help you be more transparent with your visitors, which in turn helps you to earn their trust (and business!).

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